Self-Obsessed season two is here! I’m really proud of these episodes.

The recap in the first episode says it all, but here’s the long and the short of it:

Sina Grace is a cartoonist who just got himself out of an artistic rut, and he wants to move with his best foot forward on a graphic memoir called Self-Obsessed. Easier said than done, as usual. The first episode finds him pitching to an unimpressed editor, the second episode finds him and Amber at a comic convention, and things only get weirder from there.

Did I mention Sina gets a love interest?

Cast includes: Sina Grace, Amber Benson, Adam Busch, Jon Gabrus, Laura Silverman, Drew Droege, Colleen Green, and introducing Bailey Godfrey to the scene as Ash.

Plenty of cute guest stars in it too ;-)

Rad music from Feels, Alex Greenwald, Death Valley Girls, Eric Kufs, Parentz, Slanted, Emily Gold, Cosmonauts & more. 

Please watch and share if you like :)

Written by Sina Grace
Directed by Kevin Sonnichsen
Director of Photography Alex Parker

Based off the Image Comics graphic novel

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I did the line art on this Powerpuff Girls drawing years ago. Found the page this weekend and decided to finally do colors.

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A drawing of Hannah Nance Partlow wearing Ted Baker

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Happy Persian New Year!

It’s a secular holiday celebrating the beginning of spring (vernal equinox) that has been around for near 3,000 years!

Here’s a drawing of Hajji Firuz- a fictional character in Iranian folklore who dances through the streets of Iran during the Nowruz (“New Day”/ Persian New Year), singing songs & bringing joy. He’s kind of like Santa Claus in that people dress up like him, put on the hat and prance around the streets with a tambourine singing classic standards like “Haji Firouz E!” and “Beskan Beskan!”

Controversy: traditionally, his face was colored in soot because the character was a black-faced serf trying to cheer people who he refers to as lords.

If you wanna learn more about Persian folks outside of “they’re all Muslim”*, check out my digital zine, Persian Version. 40 pages of cute asides, for $1.99:

* Not all Persians are Muslim! Just go to West LA, that’s like literally where a grip of the world’s Persian Jews live.

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Sina Slash

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‪Full trailer next week.

Catch up on season one:
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Once she’s gone, Joanne won’t come back.

Make sure to grab one of my last XOXO JOANNE pins !

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This drawing of Manny has me thinking my next zine should be called BEARS BY SINA

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My #internationalwomensday post is dedicated to Marjane Satrapi- Iranian kween responsible for one of my fav graphic novels: PERSEPOLIS !

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Hey folks,

Expanded and updated my zine PERSIAN VERSION. Added four new spreads, an intro and updated the cover. Still the same price ($1.99)!

About Persian Version …

Being Persian is pretty dope. Throughout my adolescence, my sister and I would poke fun at the differences and similarities with Persian and American culture. Collected in this zine is a bunch of lighthearted observations, meant to show folks all around that there’s more to be considered about Iranians than just their religion and all-around good looks.

Topics covered: Food, Religion, Film, Charms, Fashion, “Taarof,” Gold, and so much more!


- 38 page PDF
- Introduction by Sina Grace
- Full color
- Over 20 new illustrations and strips
- all ages (for once) !

Zine will be e-mailed within day of purchase!

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Joanne pins

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FINALLY !!! She’s here ! After being stuck in customs for way too long, my XOXO JOANNE pins arrived.

I have about 30 left after preorders…

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I need to color these lewks from Self-Obsessed season one. Have you watched yet?

You can view all five episodes here:

Season two this month !!

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Loving Jean Grey’s new costume

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Another glance at my preview for NOTHING LASTS FOREVER in the newest issue of Image + Mag! Book comes out in June, mag w preview out now

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Inks for Jenny Lewis’ “Happy,” part of her rabbit fur coat 10th anniversary comic

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Self-Obsessed season two. Written by me, directed by Kevin Sonnichsen. Out in March!

Sina Grace
Amber Benson
Adam Busch
Jon Gabrus
Laura Silverman
Drew Droege
Colleen Green
& introducing Bailey Godfrey

Can’t wait to share ! Visit to watch season one and a teaser trailer for season two.

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Pothead Pikachu

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Sina Slash color pencil study

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