Okay, I was gonna stagger these out, but I realized there are folks who’ll want both and they can save on shipping this way…


The first is SUPER LIMITED, and my most ambitious yet: a Rachel Berry pin. It’s 1.5", w/ a gold glitter fill for the star. Only 75 of these are available, and after XOXO JOANNE you know I’m serious!

Then, I’m super duper thrilled to finally make a Self-Obsessed pin :) :) :) 1.25", black w/ gold plating. I went back and forth on doing the traditional branding or with a more on-trend style… my gut said to do this one.

both are available for pre-order now at

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A page that didn’t make it into Nothing Lasts Forever - my new graphic novel from Image Comics (out 6/7!).

Still adore it nonetheless

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Trying out a Micron PN with this wolverine warmup

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Touch my gash/ call me sina slash

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The theme of Image Comics’ line-wide variants for the month of June 2017 has been revealed as “Pride Month,” with a goal “to celebrate the LGBTQ community and the progress made by the Gay Liberation Movement in promoting inclusivity and support for all.” The publisher says that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these variants will be donated to Human Rights Campaign.

“We are so thankful for the opportunity to support the LGBTQ community during Pride Month this year by partnering once again with the Human Rights Campaign,” said Image’s Publisher, Eric Stephenson. “It’s never been a secret that Image Comics is supportive of creative freedom, but it’s important that we also make it clear that we stand for inclusivity, diversity, and equality, now more than ever. We hope these variants will serve as a positive display of that ongoing commitment.”

Eleven variants are planned in total, with six released now. The six released are Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #1 by Valente De Landro, The Walking Dead #168 by Sina Grace & Tamra Bonvillain, The Divided States of Hysteria #2 by Howard Chaykin, Rose #3 by Ig Guara, Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #2 by Jim Mahfood, and Redneck #3 by Ed Luce.

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Swim instructor at the YMCA had me like 😍🤔

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Colleen Green

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NOTHING LASTS FOREVER final order cutoff is Monday 4/17! Please check out the 20+ page preview on Newsarama and place an order this weekend please :-)

Diamond Code: MAR170827

Out June 7 from image comics

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Kicking off the Queers & Comics Conference shenanigans this Wednesday (4/12) over at @missioncomics (2250 Mission St) where we’ll be screening Self-Obsessed, discussing, signing, and more! 7-10 p! There’ll be shirts, as I’m told …
Then see you all weekend at the conference (CCA- 1111 8th st) ! Stadium love !

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“Don’t ever become attached to your name, Alham, or to the place you are from. Just tell people what makes them smile. It’s always better to be easily forgotten.”

I’ve owned SONORA by Hannah Assadi for two hours and I’ve already consumed a third of its intoxicating contents. It’s a beautiful debut novel, Hannah. Proud to know you.

I encourage everyone to grab a copy. You won’t look at the desert the same way again.

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Mighty Morphin’ Arm Wrestle

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There are some pages from Iceman no 1 in today’s ResurrXion Preview special !

Rad art by Alessandro Vitti !

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Self-Obsessed season two is here! I’m really proud of these episodes.

The recap in the first episode says it all, but here’s the long and the short of it:

Sina Grace is a cartoonist who just got himself out of an artistic rut, and he wants to move with his best foot forward on a graphic memoir called Self-Obsessed. Easier said than done, as usual. The first episode finds him pitching to an unimpressed editor, the second episode finds him and Amber at a comic convention, and things only get weirder from there.

Did I mention Sina gets a love interest?

Cast includes: Sina Grace, Amber Benson, Adam Busch, Jon Gabrus, Laura Silverman, Drew Droege, Colleen Green, and introducing Bailey Godfrey to the scene as Ash.

Plenty of cute guest stars in it too ;-)

Rad music from Feels, Alex Greenwald, Death Valley Girls, Eric Kufs, Parentz, Slanted, Emily Gold, Cosmonauts & more. 

Please watch and share if you like :)

Written by Sina Grace
Directed by Kevin Sonnichsen
Director of Photography Alex Parker

Based off the Image Comics graphic novel

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I did the line art on this Powerpuff Girls drawing years ago. Found the page this weekend and decided to finally do colors.

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A drawing of Hannah Nance Partlow wearing Ted Baker

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Happy Persian New Year!

It’s a secular holiday celebrating the beginning of spring (vernal equinox) that has been around for near 3,000 years!

Here’s a drawing of Hajji Firuz- a fictional character in Iranian folklore who dances through the streets of Iran during the Nowruz (“New Day”/ Persian New Year), singing songs & bringing joy. He’s kind of like Santa Claus in that people dress up like him, put on the hat and prance around the streets with a tambourine singing classic standards like “Haji Firouz E!” and “Beskan Beskan!”

Controversy: traditionally, his face was colored in soot because the character was a black-faced serf trying to cheer people who he refers to as lords.

If you wanna learn more about Persian folks outside of “they’re all Muslim”*, check out my digital zine, Persian Version. 40 pages of cute asides, for $1.99:

* Not all Persians are Muslim! Just go to West LA, that’s like literally where a grip of the world’s Persian Jews live.

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Sina Slash

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‪Full trailer next week.

Catch up on season one:
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