I’m my own queero and sailor scout

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I’ll be on the 5/20 episode of HEY QWEEN TV with the magnificent Dax Exclamation Point!

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My poster for Jenny Lewis’ Palladium show, along with yours truly in his On the Line finest

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I dug the movie Long Shot, starring Seth rogen and Charlize Theron!
Proves you can totally do the rom com, in spite of toxic masculinity and tired tropes !

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Jenny Lewis released a new album


have you listened ?

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I was on the line on-line tonight !

Got to draw Sarah based on her own description - she phoned from Costa Rica !

Thanks for having me, Jenny Lewis. Hope everyone is excited for on the line !

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Raise your hand if you love PEN15 on Hulu as much as I do :-)))

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She is now to be called DARKVEIL

want the full tea on Shade’s origins, Darkveil’s evolution, and future plans for the character? PopSugar has all of it:

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Portrait of the band FEELS. Their gripping new album POST EARTH is out now!

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I’m writing Jughead!

Jughead’s Time Police to be exact

Derek Charm is drawing !

June come sooooon

Syfy wire has the tea:

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As my chapter at Marvel comes to a close with the beautiful Uncanny X-Men: Winter’s End special, my destiny truly begins when I announce the character I was born to write. Keep your eyes peeled this Thursday for the best valentine’s day gift your favorite dummy could ever offer.

“The End is really the beginning, you’ll find out when I return” - Alex Greenwald, ROTK


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Old death drawing with new tools

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Shade, drawn by me. I’ve included a peek at her lewk for Uncanny X-Men: Winter’s End, out in February from Marvel Comics.

I appreciate all the love and support the character has received to date! Expect a massive fan art drop in coming days :-)

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“I’ll Always Remember Us This Way”

New lapel pin commemorating a Star is Born

Only 100 available

Plated in antique gold

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My friend and muse colleen green

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Here’s more shade fan art!

(The last one is a design she’ll be wearing in the future… more on that in a sec)

Her first appearance is in the fourth issue of the latest Iceman run. A mutant drag queen who can create pocket voids a la Cloak, Shade is one of my favorite characters i created while working on Iceman. Similarly, I have really loved seeing y’all interpret her lewk and come up with a few original ideas as well!

She’ll be showing up in Iceman issue five, as well as Uncanny X-Men: Winter’s End in February.

Thanks everyone for being so rad!

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Introduced a drag queen mutant named Shade in issue four of my current Iceman run. She’s dope. She can create pocket voids similar to Cloak’s powers.

This boss queen has only been on people’s minds for a day and I’m receiving fan art.

Truly gushing.

Also including my original design for her that I sent to series artist Nate Stockman.

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Here is Siobhan Keenan’s cover to Jem and the Holograms 20/20, out in January from IDW Comics! She did an amazing job illustrating the story I wrote about Jem two decades into the future. Lots of truly outrageous moments await you!

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“I’ll always remember us this way.”
My drawing for a Star is Born, now colored by Shaun Steven Struble!

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I’m so thrilled to team up with with this limited edition design benefitting Rainbow Railroad- an awesome organization that helps LGBTQ people around the world escape violence and persecution.

I’ve already pulled off getting my dog Henry and my cat Amelia to get along, now it’s time to change the world :)

Available as a shirt, mug, or hoodie, there’s less than two weeks to order yours!

visit and let’s make a difference!!!

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